Transport of goods

Taurunum company offers transportation services, goods of any kind of road, rail, air and water transport from anywhere to all destinations .

Our network of carriers covering the whole world , so that its customers provide the fastest and most economical transport of goods in China, Asia, America, Australia , Africa , as well as any country in Europe.

We are proud to transport all kinds of goods and perform all services related to international transport to any destination that the client needs , even when other companies say is impossible.

With the company Taurunum not have to worry about the high cost of regular maintenance of rolling stock , registration, insurance and harmony in the narrower choice of transport options .

Given that the formation of the ultimate cost of the goods is very important and the cost of shipping , we offer our clients better transport goods from the one to get transport to organize themselves within companies .

Depending on the type and quantity of goods and the initial and final destination , an experienced team of company Taurunum each client create a plan that provides the fastest and most economical transport of goods , whether it comes to transport goods into Serbia or international transport .

We offer our clients transport of goods by road, rail , air and water transport .

Transport of goods can be arranged as :

direct transport

Transport goods and affairs of a mode of transport (road, rail , air or water transport ), which saves time and money because there is no additional loading , repacking and mixing of the goods in the transport vehicle .
Combined transport

Transport of goods by a combination of modes of transport (road, rail, air , water ) to customers in need of transport for long distance lowers costs and shortens transit times .
Collective transport

If the client transport small amounts of goods , allows him to transport not rented the entire container or transport vehicle . Organize transport for multiple clients together , thereby saving you money .
Transportation of goods and items can be organized on the principle of reloading , return for a full load and return trips. In addition to saving money , this form of transport makes it possible to organize transport at the time that best suits the client .
To meet the various requirements of our long-standing business partners , but also able to respond to any request from our new customers related to transport of goods in Serbia or international transport , constantly investing in the latest technology .

Professional drivers with many years of experience have the necessary knowledge to transport all kinds of goods , and we have special transportation vehicles and equipment necessary for loading and unloading of special cargo , bulk cargo and dangerous goods .

Our vehicles have CMR insurance and ADR certificates for the carriage of dangerous goods , and these companies Taurunum trained for loading and unloading of all types of goods .

Company Taurunum formed the team of experts who specialize in all areas that follow the transport of goods , so that its customers can offer a complete service :

Download the goods at the agreed address / delivery to the agreed destination
Packaging of goods and prepared for transport
Loading / unloading
Obtaining the necessary permits and prepare the necessary documentation
The performance of the entire customs procedures
Distribution and Logistics
Their clients to via GPS monitor transport their goods in real time , with the signing of the contract and we guarantee that we will work carried out in accordance with the agreement , and that we will indemnify the customer in the event of damage .

Along with a guarantee backed by the company Taurunum , your goods can be further secured.