Special cargo

Special cargo

Taurunum company offers professional and reliable transportation services, special cargo of all kinds. The transportation services are also the preparation of cargo for transport , as well as loading and unloading at the agreed address .

Transport special , oversized and heavy cargo requires experience and special equipment for specific dimensions and features oversized goods that require special vigilance for the protection , packaging and transfer of items from the facility in which they are located.

Company Taurunum has both – we have many years experience in the transfer of special cargo and have modern equipment that allows us to more easily manipulate loads.

So far we have organized a full migration of all types of cargo a specialty , office space , a complete inventory of banks , safe deposit boxes , and ATMs, as major hotels and restaurants , showrooms, factories and manufacturing plants .

We have the latest equipment for the transfer of goods stairs , robots and hydraulic lifts , forklifts , cranes , and even cranes for lifting heavy machinery on high platforms and buildings , and special trucks for bulk transport .

To transfer cargo weighing more than 350 kg in the house use modern equipment with special protection against wear floors .

For our clients Taurunum company performs a full service freight transport a specialty :

We find the best route
We pack and deliver a consignment
We organize the loading / unloading
We transport
We handle the entire customs procedures
We provide all the necessary permissions
Organizes technical or police escort
As a special service performed by the recently allocated to transport construction machinery and agricultural transport machinery anywhere in the country and abroad .

Transport oversized goods subject to certain legal restrictions relating to the dimensions of the cargo, the manner in which the cargo may be transported as well as the time of day when you are allowed to perform transport .

The international transportation of special cargo needs to know the limitations of each transit country .

Company Taurunum familiar with all the legal rules and procedures and any bid forms individually , depending on the characteristics of the goods , the destination to which it is transported, the necessary equipment and escorts.

Enables its clients to monitor during transport your shipment by GPS in real time.

Taurunum company is able to provide its clients and storage of special cargo before or after transport. Our warehouse has the latest equipment and security systems.

Company Taurunum guarantee the safety of its customers and delivery of oversized cargo in the best possible condition . Our clients receive when signing a legal guarantee that the work will be carried out in accordance with the agreement , and will be compensated in the event of damage .